This 2,800 s.f. home was designed and constructed where a 1,400 s.f. single story home once stood.  The original 450 s.f. garage remained in place and was resided to match the exterior of the new home.  This “Smart House” is monitored by a computer system that controls the mechanical, lighting, and exterior shade systems.  Photovoltaic panels on the roof generate and sell electricity back to the utility company.  The house utilizes Insulated Concrete Form (IFC) walls with a standard wood framed floor and roof system.  These technologies and the super insulated walls and windows result in the house using about 50% of the energy of the previous house, although the new house is double the square footage.  The finishes of the home incorporate reclaimed wood for the flooring, accent trim and fireplace mantel.  The kitchen hood is manufactured from the reclaimed sheet metal of a car.  The home was featured in Cabin Life Magazine in 2011.