Downtown Oakland’s commercial district is rapidly changing for the better and this property is part of that mix.  Ward Young’s architects removed the bars and window coverings, added skylights and clerestory windows, sand blasted the rustic brick walls and created a hip, busy work space for two real estate firms actively engaged in Oakland’s commercial rejuvenation.  WY’s architects saved what they could including floors, walls and an ornamental staircase and then divided the 3000 square foot space into equal parts private office and open plan use.  The double walled glazed entry sports a grand piano and giant antique movie poster.  The funky reception area can also double as a bar for the 5 o’clock crowd.  The boardroom has a glass ceiling providing ample daylight for meetings on most days.  Downtown Oakland may not quite be ready for “prime time,” but Ward Young will be there when it is.

Architect  Mike Mussano