Ward Young has a long history of designing distinctive, site appropriate residential architecture and the Lafayette house is no exception.  The half lot suburban site nestled close in to surrounding merchant-built, mid-century, ranch style homes needed to meet a variety of restrictions and owner mandated requirements.  The house needed to be handicapped compliant to accommodate the resident, the client’s mother, in her 80’s with mobility problems.  It also needed to meet both the city’s restrictive codes and get along with its neighbors.  Working closely with the owner who had a design background, WY’s architects came up with a craftsman style house that the neighbors loved and made both city planners and clients happy.   The simple, easy to get around floor plan is complemented with numerous upgrades such as solid cherry doors and lots of solid hardwood wood detailing.  Many of the custom light fixtures and furniture are inspired from Green and Green originals.  A large sliding door in the dining room opens onto a hardscape patio with a verdant view and small season creek skirting the rear of the property.  Circulation space is generous and flat making it handicap accessible without looking like a hospital or nursing facility.