Homewood Rustic Lakefront

Lake Tahoe, California

The original objective of this project was to add a garage, 2 bedrooms and a guest cabin to the property, and at the same time change the character of the existing cabin from a generic 1960's ranch style to one uniquely fitting its site and the owner's tastes.   The entire cabin was remodeled, with only the Living Room remaining relatively unchanged.  The design drew upon classic Tahoe architecture as well as the camps of the Adirondacks, as the homeowner wanted it to feel as though it was a Tahoe cabin that had been there for years.  Cedar logs were used for exterior columns, along with a mixture of cedar bark and slab siding act to wed the building to its beautiful site on the West Shore.  The former garage site was transformed into a cozy bunk cabin for guests.  This home has been featured in Gentry Design Magazine, Spring 2011 and Cabin Life Magazine, February 2012.